Roof Repairs

Roof Repair Services

Roof repairs are an unexpected expense that can arise due to a couple missing shingles or ridge caps, a leaking plumbing boot/pipe jack, exposed nail heads, or improper flashing installation. Our representatives will arrive at your property to assess the issues with your roof.

Because we are homeowners ourselves, we make your roof repair go as smoothly as possible. Once our representative has diagnosed the damage, they will make the decision to recommend repair or replacement of your roof. Many times, a roof repair can be performed with an out-of-pocket expense ranging from $325 to $600 depending on the extent of the repair.

Most common roof repairs:

Missing Shingles and Ridge Caps

Windstorms can cause minor damage to a roof that does not warrant full replacement. When shingles or ridge caps go missing from the wind, an opening on the roof can cause a leak. It is recommended to perform spot repair when you have minor damage, and the roof is 5 years or less. 

Pipe Jacks-Plumbing Boots

75% of the time when leaks are seen in a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen area the cause is confirmed to be a deteriorated plumbing boot on your roof. Plumbing boots are the #1 cause for leaks in your home and tend to deteriorate at a faster rate than the surrounding shingles.

Exposed Nail Heads

Any exposed nails on your roof can cause leaks over time. Your roof may go for 10 years and never leak around an exposed nail head, but then suddenly it starts leaking. Framing nails can also work their way through the decking and penetrate through the shingles.

Missing Flashing / Improper Installation

Flashing installation or lack of flashing results in leaks many times on your roof. Your roof has many different types of flashing but the most common is step flashing and counterflashing. When this flashing is missing or improperly installed it can result in a leak.

No matter what is found on your roof, you will have your choice of all our different roofing repair options. When the work begins, we will strive to keep your property clean and provide an invoice for the repair for future reference. We hope to earn your business long term and you give us a call when your roof is ready for replacement.

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